Recent Clients & Projects

Our recent clients include;

PrintCast Metals Federation – The organisation that represents the UK’s £1.8Bn foundry industry and has 150 members.  The cast metals sector is a really interesting industry in the UK where we make some truly remarkable castings. The CMF has been continuously working with Jigsaw since it’s inception over 20 years ago. Over the last couple of years we have concentrated on delivering the Cast Metals Industry Awards Dinner.

Basic CMYKBergen Pipe Supports Group – The global Pipe Supports Group makes a broad range of pipe supports and allied equipment for the power generation, oil & gas, renewable and nuclear and LNG power industries as well as defence and water treatment. The supports are serious pieces of engineering, stopping pipes that may be white hot or freezing cold from moving too far through expansion and contraction or when pressures change. Oliver has providing a wide range of support over the last 10 years from press releases, design and artwork and some strange promotional items.

CC-MASTER-FINAL-LOGOCharter Castings –  A fine down to earth foundry in the Black Country. We have recently evolved a new website, logo and some other bits and pieces for them.

Our current occasional clients include University of Buckingham, The Brock Metal Company, Aluminium Federation, Fenco-Aldridge, WF Howes, Kobus Pipe Puller and many more.

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